When The City Sleeps

When The City Sleeps A Singel edit from "When The City Sleeps", an extravaganza in nearly 3.15 minutes exploring outside the narrow margin, is released this week as an iTunes download.
Taking off with a flamenco flavour, moving into a rap inspired section to conclude with a steaming Jazz-rock sax solo by Paul van Laere.

When the city sleeps I have a bad, bad dream
that tears me down this dreadful scene,
anger, anguish, revolution, frozen faces, media polution,
fundamentalist terror, another religious error...
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Music for Contemporary Dance in 6 Movements

Pazuzu Willekens finished mixing Pazuzu "Music for Contemporary Dance in 6 Movements" inspired by a painting of Henk Vierveijzer.

Contributions from:
Paul van Laere: flute, saxes
Guy Cuyvers: acoustic guitar
Ivo Tops: Yambu, percussion
Peter Ridsdale: 11string Indian violin
Steven Hatchett: Narration
Max Bolleman: the renown jazz drummer, percussionist & producer who worked with Dizzy Gillespie, Wynton Marsalis, Brad Mehldau, Chet Baker amongst others.

This Silence Within

This Silence Within Following the recent death of his father, Gerd Willekens composed the poignant "This Silence Within" as a tribute. The song played at he funeral left a deep impression on many of the attendees. "This Silence Within" is now available through iTunes, as part of the "Fight Against Cancer" campaign.
All proceeds from the iTunes sales will be fully transferred to the Flemish Cancer League. In this way Gerd hopes to contribute with his musical project "Wallpaper Poets" to the research on the disease that killed his dad. The official identification number of Wallpaper Poets as official participant in the campaign is 110-237-728.

Paul van Laere: Alto Saxophone
Ivo Tops: Percussion
Gerd Willekens: Piano, Keyboards, Programming & Production
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The Other Site Of Maybe Suite

The other Site Of Maybe Suite The Other Site Of Maybe Suite is the first album of Wallpaper Poets, a project directed by Gerd Willekens. Read more about this album on the Music page.

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The Blind God single edit.

The Blind God
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